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  • 18-March-2015


    OECD welcomes the European Commission Initiative on Tax Transparency

    The OECD Secretary-General Gurría welcomed the announcement and congratulated the Commission for the work done. "The European Commission’s initiative is another major step to tackle corporate tax avoidance.

  • 21-January-2015

    English, PDF, 2,158kb

    Escaping the Stagnation Trap: Policy Options for the Euro Area and Japan

    The global economy continues to run at low speed and many countries, particularly in Europe, seem unable to overcome the legacies of the crisis. With high unemployment, high inequality and low trust still weighing heavily, it is imperative to swiftly implement reforms that boost demand and employment and raise potential growth.

  • 3-avril-2014


    Les réformes engagées par l’Europe commencent à porter leurs fruits mais la poursuite des efforts est indispensable, selon l’OCDE

    Les mesures prises par de nombreux pays européens pour assainir leurs finances publiques commencent à porter leurs fruits, selon l’OCDE. Les économies de la zone euro qui accusaient d’importants déficits de la balance des paiements courants au lendemain de la crise sont désormais excédentaires. Les ratios dette au PIB se stabilisent et les tensions sur les marchés se sont atténuées.

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  • 17-février-2014

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    Zone euro: Enjeux économiques et recommandations pour l'action publique

    Les efforts déployés dans toute la zone pour renforcer les finances publiques, et la mise en place des fondements institutionnels de l’union monétaire, portent en germe la perspective d’une croissance vigoureuse et inclusive. Toutefois, d’amples réformes structurelles sont nécessaires pour améliorer la productivité et rétablir la compétitivité.

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  • 17-February-2014


    The Euro Area at a Crossroads: Policies for Growth, Jobs and Competitiveness

    After five years of work at every level to correct the fiscal, financial and external imbalances that led to the crisis, and to reinforce fiscal and financial institutions, the Euro Area is beginning to show signs of recovery. But, despite these positive signs, growth is still weak and uneven.

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  • 14-February-2014


    OECD Secretary-General in Brussels on 17 February 2014

    Mr. Angel Gurría, Secretary-General of the OECD, attended the OECD Seminar “The Euro area at a crossroads: Policies for growth, jobs and competitiveness” in Brussels on 17 February 2014 at the Council of the European Union, ahead of the regular Eurogroup meeting. At the Seminar, the Secretary-General presented the OECD report “Economic Challenges and Policy Recommendations for the Euro Area”.

  • 21-January-2014


    EU-US trade and investment talks: Why they matter

    Talks to free up more trade and investment between the European Union and the United States got under way early in 2013. A good agreement in 2014 would be a positive thing, and not just for the EU and the US.

  • 26-November-2013


    Keeping the momentum of the structural reform agenda in Europe

    In Europe, the two most pressing structural policy priorities that must be addressed are the challenge of unemployment and the restoration the health of euro area banks, said OECD Secretary-General in Brussels.

  • 14-September-2013


    The Fight Against Tax Fraud and Tax Evasion: Towards a New Global Standard on Automatic Exchange of Tax Information

    Vast amounts of money are kept off-shore and go untaxed. The more we do to combat tax fraud and evasion, the more resources we will have to finance growth-enhancing public investment, restore the health of public finances, and put the euro area economy back on a sustained and long-term recovery, said OECD Secretary-General.

  • 11-December-2012


    Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony at the OECD

    Secretary-General Angel Gurría addressed OECD Ambassadors and others at the Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony held at the OECD on 10 December.

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