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  • 11-February-2005

    English, , 28kb

    European Union fisheries management systems

    Information on the administration, legal framework and other aspects of fisheries management in the European Union.

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  • 16-juin-2004


    Politiques agricoles des pays de l'OCDE: Panorama - Édition 2004

    Le secteur agricole de nombreux pays de l’OCDE reste caractérisé par des niveaux de soutien et de protection élevés. En 2003, le soutien aux producteurs agricoles a représenté 32% des recettes agricoles totales. Ce chiffre est légèrement supérieur aux résultats...

  • 10-juin-2004


    Analyse de la réforme de la PAC de 2003

    Ce rapport contient une analyse de la réforme de la Politique agricole commune décidée par les États membres de l'Union européenne en juin 2003.

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  • 21-March-2002


    Market Creation for Biodiversity: The Role of Organic Farming in the EU and US

    Organic agriculture has recently seen spectacular growth in many OECD countries and is viewed as an environmentally benign alternative to intensive production. The organics market currently provides one of few conduits through which consumers can...

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  • 31-December-2001

    English, , 355kb

    European Commission: Competition Law and Policy in 2000

    In this report, the country summarizes the main developments in competition law and policy in 2000.

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  • 10-December-1998


    Voluntary Approaches for Environmental Protection in the European Union

    This report is a synthesis of the existing literature on the use of voluntary approaches in the EU. Its aim is to portray the use of voluntary approaches in the Member States and to identify both their common characteristics and those that separate them. The report relies mainly on four studies: a quantitative and qualitative inventory of voluntary agreements in the European Union (EU) by the Directorate General for Industry (DGIII)

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  • 23-mai-1993

    Français, , 1,195kb

  • 10-September-2014


    Reinvigorating the EU Single Market

    The EU Single Market remains fragmented by complex and heterogeneous rules at the EU and national levels affecting trade, capital, including foreign direct investment, and labour mobility.

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