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  • 31-January-2020


    Global insurance market trends

    This annual report analyses insurance market statistics collected by the OECD to monitor the insurance industry’s overall performance and health. It covers all OECD countries plus selected Asian, African and Latin American countries.

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  • 19-December-2019


    Pension Policy Notes and Reviews

    The Pension Policy Notes summarise the main features of countries’ pension systems and the policy challenges each of them faces and the Pension Policy Reviews provide an in-depth analysis of the different components of countries’ pension systems.

  • 17-December-2019


    Annual Survey of Large Pension Funds and Public Pension Reserve Funds

    This annual survey monitors and compares the investment behaviour, asset levels, and performances of the largest institutional investors in each region or country covered and analyses in greater depth the general trends observed at a national level.

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  • 27-novembre-2019


    Les pays doivent renforcer leurs régimes de retraite pour s’adapter à l’évolution du monde du travail

    Une réforme urgente des régimes de retraite s’impose afin de veiller à ce que les travailleurs temporaires ou à temps partiel, toujours plus nombreux, puissent cotiser suffisamment tout au long de leur vie active pour percevoir un revenu convenable une fois à la retraite, selon un nouveau rapport publié par l'OCDE.

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  • 30-October-2019


    Pension Markets in Focus

    Pension assets have been growing over the last decade, reaching USD 44.1 trillion worldwide at the end of 2018, despite a decline relative to end-2017. This trend is attributable to positive real net returns over the long term, and to increased contributions paid as more people are being covered by a pension plan in a number of countries, especially in those with recent mandatory or auto-enrolment programmes.

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  • 9-September-2019


    OECD review of pension systems in Peru

    This review assesses Peru’s pension system in its entirety, looking at both public and private, pay-as-you-go (PAYG) financed and funded pension provisions. The review then provides policy options to help tackle old-age poverty; establish a solid framework for the contributory pension system to meet its objectives.

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  • 18-July-2019


    Annual Survey of Investment Regulation of Pension Funds

    Each year, the OECD publishes a survey of the investment regulation of pension funds which describes the main quantitative investment regulations applied to pension funds in 77 economies. The survey questionnaire covers all types of pension plans financed via pension funds.

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  • 2-juillet-2019

    Français, Excel, 3,757kb

    Les futurs retraités auront-ils travaillé plus longtemps pour percevoir au final des pensions plus faibles ? (Synthèse)

    Cette synthèse analyse l'impact des récentes réformes des retraites, incluant pour la première fois des comparaisons entre les pensions des personnes qui commencent à travailler aujourd'hui et celles qui ont pris leur retraite récemment.

  • 27-June-2019

    English, PDF, 1,171kb

    Insurance Markets in Figures, 2019

    27 June 2019 - Preliminary data for 2018 show an increase in gross premiums of domestic insurance companies in most countries, especially in the non-life sector.

  • 26-June-2019

    English, PDF, 1,380kb

    Reforming the Pension System in Turkey 2019

    This paper studies the case of Turkey and suggests several tools to promote retirement planning. Section I provides a review of the traditional and behavioural policy instruments designed to promote retirement savings, along with a discussion on their effectiveness.

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