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Facts not Fakes: Tackling Disinformation, Strengthening Information Integrity

With the rapid dissemination of information across online platforms, falsehoods can spread like wildfire, fuelling division, sowing confusion and eroding trust in both institutions and other people. Misinformation can arise from mistakes or misunderstandings, while disinformation is deliberately crafted to deceive and manipulate. But both can have far-reaching consequences, from undermining democratic processes to endangering public health.  

This video presents a new OECD report, Facts not Fakes, which outlines a policy framework to tackle disinformation and strengthen information integrity. The report emphasises the need for democracies to champion diverse, high-quality information spaces that support freedom of opinion and expression, along with policies that may be utilised to increase the degree of accountability and transparency of online platforms. This video also includes interviews from high-level speakers who attended the OECD Conference on Tackling disinformation that took place at the OECD in November 2023. 

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