3rd Global Forum on the Future of Education and Skills 2030

10-12 May 2021 – Virtual workshop via Zoom

Preparing for Post-Covid Education: Closing Equity Gaps through Personalised and Digital Curriculum

The virtual workshop was organised in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. In this context, Estonia hosted the meeting, aiming to stimulate discussion and sharing of innovative policies and practices to help close equity gaps, as this was one of the policy priorities among E2030 participating countries.

The workshop highlighted examples from the host country, in particular, focusing on the digital transformation of curriculum and personalised curriculum as means to bridge equity gaps.

At this workshop, the E2030 curriculum report: Adapting Curriculum to Bridge Equity Gaps: Towards an Inclusive Curriculum was launched.

The meeting explored:

  • Policies and practices to close equity gaps, particularly in terms of digital curriculum
  • Adapting curriculum, assessment and evaluation to digital teaching and learning
  • The types of teacher agency, competencies and well-being needed for curriculum innovation

Visual Summary

Visual Summary of the 3rd Global Forum on the Future of Education and Skills 2030

(10-12 May 2021)

Report Launch - Panel Session

Opening Anecdote - Distance Learning at Home

This video was used to set the scene for what 'distance learning at home' means during the pandemic, in an Estonian context (Education Estonia)

Virtual School Visits - Estonia

Virtual visits to three Estonian schools: 1) Gustav Adolf Grammar School; 2) Paikuse School; 3) Uuemoisa Primary School (Education Estonia)

Meeting Documents

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