Common Reporting Standard (CRS) User Guide and Schema 

Part of the technical solution to support the implementation of the CRS is a schema in extensible mark-up language (XML) that allows the reporting of information under the CRS in an IT-based and standardised manner.

A schema is a data structure for holding and transmitting information electronically and in bulk. XML is commonly used for this purpose. Examples are the OECD’s Standard Transmission Format "STF" or the Fisc 153 format used for information exchange for the European Savings Directive.

This User Guide explains the information required to be included in each CRS data element to be reported in the CRS XML Schema v. 1.0. It also contains guidance on how to make corrections of data items within a file that can be processed automatically.


Please use this link to download the CRS XML Schema


You can consult the CRS User Guide in the online version below.


Table of contents

Common Reporting Standard Schema Information  
  I. Message Header  

II. PersonParty_Type
III. OrganisationParty_Type
IV. CRS Body

Guidance on the correction process for Common Reporting Standard


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