Directorate for Public Governance


The Innovation System of the Public Service of Canada

Governments today are confronted with a complex array of interconnected problems, increased citizen expectations, and fiscal constraints. Furthermore, they must operate in a context of fast-paced technological, geopolitical, economic, social, and environmental change. Existing policies and programmes may not be suitable for tackling the challenges of today, let alone those of tomorrow. Governments therefore require a systemic approach to public sector innovation to develop and deliver novel solutions that meet the existing and emergent needs of citizens. This report looks at the experience and context of the Public Service of Canada, where significant emphasis has been placed on innovation, and proposes a new public sector innovation system model to assist Canada and other countries.

Published on November 20, 2018Also available in: French


Executive Summary
Canada's historical innovation journey
What is known about public sector innovation?
The lived experience of innovation
Introducing a new model for public sector innovation
Appraising current efforts
Three scenarios to explore what might happen next
Conclusion: Moving innovation from the sporadic to the systemic
Beyond Canada
Terms of reference for the review
Participants for this review
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