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OECD Digital Government Index (DGI): 2019


OECD Digital Government Index (DGI):  2019 

OECD Policy Papers on Public Governance No. 3, October 2020 - Barbara Ubaldi, Felipe González-Zapata & Mariane Piccinin Barbieri



The Digital Government Index 2019 is a first effort to translate the OECD Digital Government Policy Framework (DGPG) into a measurement tool to assess the implementation of the OECD Recommendation on Digital Government Strategies and benchmark the progress of digital government reforms across OECD Member and key partner countries. Evidence gathered from the Survey on Digital Government 1.0 aims to support countries in their concrete policy decisions.


The policy paper presents the overall rankings, results and key policy messages, and provides a detailed analysis of countries’ results for each of the six dimensions of the OECD Digital Government Policy Framework (DGPG).


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Results and key messages / Resultados y mensajes clave


Under the Digital Government Policy Framework (DGPG), a mature digital government: 


  • is digital by design when govern and leverage digital technologies to rethink and re-engineer public processes, simplify procedures, and create new channels of communication and engagement with stakeholders;
  • is data-driven when values data as a strategic asset and establishes the governance, access, sharing and re-use mechanisms for improved decision-making and service delivery;
  • acts as platform when deploys platforms, standards and services to help teams focus on user needs in public service design and delivery;
  • is open by default when makes government data and policy-making processes available to the public, within the limits of existing legislation and in balance with national and public interest;
  • is user-driven when accords a central role to people’s needs and convenience in the shaping of processes, services and policies; and by adopting inclusive mechanisms that enable this to happen;
  • is proactive when anticipates people’s needs and respond to them rapidly, avoiding the need for cumbersome data and service delivery processes.

Findings show the promising yet modest progress towards robust digital governments, and encourage governments to step up efforts to use digital technologies and data strategically for user-driven public services.

OECD Digital Government Policy Framework (DGPG)


OECD Digital Government Index (DGI):  2019

Results and key messages

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