Productivity Profile of Sweden


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Innovation council (created in 2015): The Innovation Council’s task is to develop Sweden as an innovation nation and strengthen Sweden’s competitiveness. It has an advisory role and provides new perspectives on issues of importance to innovation policy. Prime Minister Stefan Löfven is chairman of the Innovation Council, which consists of five ministers and ten advisory members from business and research areas;

Ministry of Enterprise and InnovationThe Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation is responsible for matters relating to housing and urban development, state-owned enterprises, information technology, enterprise and industrial policy, rural affairs, regional growth, post issues and infrastructure;

Swedish Agency for Growth Policy Analysis (Growth Analysis)Growth Analysis has the task of analysing the areas that are most important for growth. The overall objective is to strengthen Swedish competitiveness and create conditions for more jobs in more and growing businesses throughout the country. Growth Analysis works on evaluations, analyses and statistics in a broad Swedish and international perspective.


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Growth Analysis: Large knowledge-intensive investments: drivers, effects and the role of public policy (2019), How can the Swedish Government promote the opportunities of digital transformation in the economy? (2018);

World Bank: Sweden's Business Climate: a microeconomic assessment (2015);

OECD: Economic Surveys Sweden (multiple).


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SWE productivity growth graph‌ 


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 OECD Recommendations


Business regulations and administrative procedures are generally lean, but further streamlining could raise productivity. Sweden should ocntinue to use digital tools to improve services, simplify procedures and shorten licences and permits processing times.


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