Productivity Profile of Denmark


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National Productivity Board (Danish Economic Councils);

Danmarks Nationalbank (Central Bank);

Statistics Denmark;

Research Centre for Firms Industry Dynamics (FIND), Aarhus University;

Ministry of Business and Growth;

Centre for Innovation, Copenhagen Business School.


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OECD: Economic Surveys Denmark (multiple);

National Productivity Board: Productivity 2019: Summary and Recommendations (2019);

Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs: Report on Growth and Competitiveness 2018: English summary (2018);

Statistics Denmark: Production Abroad has an Effect on Danish GDP (2019);

Danish Central Bank: Diffusion of New Knowledge Benefits Firms' Productivity (2017).


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DNK productivity growth graph‌ 


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 Latest OECD Recommendations


  • The government should reintroduce overall quantitative targets for the effects of productivity measures on GDP;

  • Further analysis of productivity enhancing measures should be carried out in some areas, while in others reforms could go further, notably in non-export oriented services and retail.


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