Productivity Profile of Canada


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In Canada productivity-related policy issues and research are covered by a number of organisations, for instance:


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Statistics Canada: The Canadian Productivity Review (multiple);

Bank of Canada: The Productivity Slowdown in Canada: an ICT phenomenon? (2019);

Canadian Journal of Economics: The Canadian Productivity Stagnation, 2002-2014 (2019);

C.D. Howe Institute: Entrepreneurial Finance and Economic Growth: A Canadian Overview (2019), Productivity and the Financial Sector – What's Missing? (2018);

Insitute for Research on Public Policy: Cracking Canada's productivity conundrum (2011);

International Productivity Monitor: The Stylized Facts about Slower Productivity Growth in Canada (2019), Accounting for Slower Productivity Growth in the Canadian Business Sector after 2000: The Role of Capital Measurement Issues (2018).


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CAN productivity growth graph‌ 


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 Latest OECD Recommendations


  • Reduce foreign ownership restrictions in air transportation on a reciprocal basis and in telecoms and broadcasting, where cultural objectives could be achieved by other means;
  • Develop more east-west electricity interconnections through provincial cooperation when there is an economic case to do so. Liberalise the generation and distribution segments to encourage wholesale and retail competition in jurisdictions that have not done so yet;
  • Phase out remaining federal tax credits for provincial Labour-Sponsored Venture Capital Corporations (LSVCCs), as previously planned, and explore whether to make greater use of funds that operate like private, independent, limited-partnership venture capital funds, as was the case with the Venture Capital Action Plan.


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