The Innovation System of the Public Service of Brazil

An Exploration of its Past, Present and Future Journey

Governments must innovate if they are to be effective. In a world of change, a government that stands still will soon be overtaken by events and shifting citizen expectations. This report explores the past, present and possible future journey of the innovation system of the Brazilian public service. It outlines a systemic approach for innovation to mitigate existing biases, and identifies a range of options for the development of a consistent, deliberate and reliable approach to innovation in the public service of Brazil.

Published on November 07, 2019

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Executive Summary
Brazil’s historical innovation journey
National public sector innovation systems
The lived experience of innovation within the Brazilian civil service
Appraising the progress to date
Using scenarios to help guide an evolving system
Conclusion: Moving innovation from the sporadic to the systemic
Annexes3 chapters available
Terms of reference
Study participants
Further information
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