Centre of Government Review of Brazil

Toward an Integrated and Structured Centre of Government

The OECD Centre of Government Review of Brazil offers key recommendations on consolidating the strategic role of the country’s centre of government (CoG) in managing policy priorities and improving outcomes. The review examines the CoG’s roles, mandates, and its co-ordination capacities. It provides an assessment of Brazil’s ability to translate political commitments into measurable objectives and delves into its capacity to link strategic plans to outcomes. Focusing on the capacities of the CoG to contribute to the budget strategy and the federal budget, it considers medium- and long-term plans and how these align with the budgetary framework and how the budget can support policies in a coherent manner. The review also examines the CoG’s role in monitoring and evaluating high-priority policy performance and how this information can be used to improve outcomes. Finally, the review assesses how Brazil can consolidate and reinforce public communication, both to pursue policy objectives and to promote a more open government. 

Published on June 22, 2022Also available in: Portuguese

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Executive Summary
Centre of government-led functions and co-ordination capacity in Brazil
Strategic planning and prioritisation in Brazil
Budgeting in the centre of government in Brazil
Monitoring and evaluating priorities from the centre in Brazil
Public communication for better policies and a more open government in Brazil
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