OECD Survey on Social and Emotional Skills

Data from the Survey on Social and Emotional Skills


The first round of the Survey on Social and Emotional Skills took place in 2018-2020 in ten cities around the world. All the questionnaires; collected data from students, parents, teachers and school principals; as well as the corresponding codebooks are available for download below. Detailed information about data collection and quality assurance is available in the SSES Technical Report.



These questionnaires were administered to students, parents, teachers, and school principals. Two versions of the student questionnaire are available, one for the older cohort (15-year-olds) and one for the younger cohort (10-year-olds). 


SSES consisted of two parts – an assessment of social and emotional skills, and contextual questions. Students, parents, and teachers completed both parts of SSES, while school principals provided contextual data regarding the sampled schools. There are five data sets, each of which contains data collected from the online platform, derived variables, weights and scores wherever applicable.


Corresponding codebooks are available for each data set. The codebooks provide details, including valid codes, for all variables.