14-15 November 2019 London, United Kingdom

2nd event

Encouraging digital security innovation

Digital security innovation is an increasingly important priority for policy makers who need to encourage i) the development of an ecosystem enabling digital security startups to proliferate, get the investment and support they need to win business, scale up and provide a pipeline of innovation; and ii) all startups to take digital security into account from the outset as they develop increasingly digital-intensive and digital-dependent products and services.

The second annual event of the OECD Global Forum on Digital Security for Prosperity focused on how to encourage and facilitate best practice for supporting innovation in digital security, and “security by design” in broader digital innovation.

The event explored the lessons that policy makers and other stakeholders can learn from governments and other actors’ initiatives and experience. It aimed to:

  • Influence the international agenda for a multi-stakeholder public policy discussion on policies to support digital security innovation
  • Facilitate dialogue between actors involved in digital innovation and digital security in order to exchange good practice on how to foster innovation in digital security and understand how policies can encourage innovators in other areas to take digital security into account from the outset, without creating unnecessary burdens for them.



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