2019 Global Forum on Competition


5-6 December 2019  Paris

The 18th meeting of the OECD Global Forum on Competition took place in Paris, France on 5-6 December 2019. Discussions topics and key materials:


Competition under fire   Competition provisions in trade agreements   Parallel session: Digital case lab   Merger control in dynamic markets

Competition for-the-market  

Jean Tirole's video keynote address



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Opening session


Opening Remarks by Angel Gurria, OECD Secretary General 

Introductory comments by Frédéric Jenny, Chair, OECD Competition Committee


Session 1. Competition under fire

This session addressed the growing scepticism of competition, examining and responding to the broad criticisms which antitrust policy has been subject to in recent times

Keynote addree by Jean TiroleBriefing note by Frederic Jenny and special address by Lord Tyrie along with more information and materials here.


Session 2. Competition provisions in trade agreements

The majority of trade agreements include a competition policy chapter or individual competition provisions. This discussion considered the purpose and impact of these competition provisions in practice, to discuss their usefulness in broadening and strengthening the application of competition law worldwide. More information and materials at the discussion page.


Parallel session: Digital case Lab

The Digital Lab was born out of desire to provide practical support to authorities seeking guidance on competition and the digital economy using OECD research. The Forum experimented with an innovative new format to share it’s expertise directly with authorities seeking advice and information on digital issues.


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Session 3. Merger control in dynamic markets

The modern competition dynamics observed in rapidly-evolving sectors, such as high-technology, consumer services and online retail, is challenging the role of competition authorities in merger control, where enforcement decisions fundamentally depend on an effects-based analysis of the likely future effects of the merger. Participants discussed on the topic to understand the relelevant timeframe of merger control and to try to determine how far into the future should authorities look when assessing the effects of a merger.

All materials related to the breakout sessions including contributions by delegations and presentations are available here.

Breakout sessions

Wrap-up plenary session 


Session 4. Competition for-the-market

Some products have characteristics that lead firms to compete to be the supplier of a whole market of product or services, rather than for market share (whether it be a share of units, of contracts or of consumer relationships). This session focused on the first of these categories, natural monopolies, and publicly-funded monopolies, particularly on the enforcement challenges that arise when concessions are offered on these services. 

All materials including contributions by delegations and presentations are available here.


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2019 OECD Global Forum on Competition




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