2017 Global Forum on Competition


7-8 December 2017  Paris

The 16th meeting of the OECD Global Forum on Competition took place in Paris, France on 7-8 December 2017. Discussions topics and key materials:


Competition and democracy   Judicial perspectives on competition law   Competition in
public markets
  Viet Nam
Peer Review


Speech by OECD SG

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Opening session


Opening Remarks by Masamichi Kono, OECD Deputy Secretary General | Bio  

Keynote Speech by Hernando De Soto, President of the Institute for Liberty and Democracy (IDL) | Bio 

Introductory comments by Frédéric Jenny, Chair, OECD Competition Committee


Session 1. Are competition and democracy symbiotic?

This session considered if competition can be included amongst the success factors for democratic government particularly when considering countries transitioning to democratic systems of government. More information and materials here.


Session 2. Judicial perspectives on competition law

Competition cases are often characterised by complex litigation and differing sets of economic evidence.  Compounding these difficulties, judges may also face the prospect of overturning decisions from a competition agency with vast resources and expertise that may exceed their own.

This roundtable discussion addressed various dimensions of the judicial adjudication of competition law. While recognising the differences that exist across jurisdictions, the discussion tried to elicit the main common challenges that judges face when applying competition law, and find ways to address those challenges. Access all materials including numerous contributions by delegations at the discussion page.


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Session 3. 

Every competition agency has to overcome obstacles to enforce its competition law. But for small and developing jurisdictions these obstacles are often more acute, numerous and reinforced by challenges specific to these jurisdictions.

For this session, the OECD first circulated a survey among the Global Forum members, to discover what are the hardest challenges competition agencies are facing, and how they managed to overcome them.

The three most ranked challenges (Advocacy, Enforcement, and how can competition authorities overcome hostility or indifference?) were discussed during three parallel break-out sessions during which speakers from different agencies will present case studies for their challenges and success stories. All materials and presentations are available .

Breakout sessions

Wrap-up plenary session 


Session 4. Peer review of Viet Nam's competition law and policy

“Peer review” is a core element of OECD work. The mechanisms of peer review vary, but it is founded upon the willingness of a country to submit its laws and policies to substantive questioning by other peers. The process provides valuable insights into the country under study, getting to the heart of ways in which each country deals with competition and regulatory issues, from the soundness of its competition laws to the structure and effectiveness of its competition institutions. 

Viet Nam underwent this review during the forum in 2017. Acess the publication.


Session 5. Competition in public markets

The aim of this session was to open up for discussion issues concerning the role of choice and competition in public markets, and the enforcement of competition law in those markets. More materials here.


Other business and proposals for future work

2017 OECD Global Forum on Competition


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