Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information for Tax Purposes

Women leaders in tax transparency - Building a network of women officials championing tax transparency in their tax administrations



Since 2011, the Secretariat of the Global Forum has been providing capacity-building assistance to its members. Reducing gender gaps in member jurisdictions is one of the goals of the Global Forum’s capacity-building strategy. As part of this effort, the Secretariat started mainstreaming gender equality considerations and monitoring the gender balance of its capacity-building activities, in particular trainings.

The Women leaders in tax transparency programme further reinforces this ambition. Twenty-two women from 22 developing countries took part in the 2022 pilot programme.

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“I am very proud to be the patron of this first edition of the Women leaders in tax transparency programme. Fighting for inclusiveness and gender equality has been one of my personal priorities at the OECD for several years, focusing both on identifying tax policy aspects that may impact women, either through implicit or explicit bias, and on how we can support women in their professional development. This exciting programme will help further this cause by empowering women to take leading roles on tax transparency in their national tax administrations or ministries.”

Grace Perez-Navarro, Director of the OECD Centre for Tax Policy and Administration



» 2022 Global Forum Capacity Building Report (February 2022)

» Capacity Building: A new strategy for the widest impact (December 2020)


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