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2021 Global Forum Capacity Building Report


Developing Capacities in Times of COVID-19 - 2021 Global Forum Capacity Building Report 

Developing Capacities in Times of COVID-19

The 2021 Capacity Building report provides an update on the Global Forum’s capacity-building programme and outreach activities carried out in 2020. This report sets out the technical assistance and trainings activities provided in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. Capacity-building activities relate to both the exchange of information on request and automatic exchange of financial account information standards. Despite challenging conditions, the Global Forum Secretariat ensured the continuity of its capacity-building programme in 2020, while increasing its support to jurisdictions.

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The Global Forum Capacity Building activities are increasingly important in light of strained national budgets. With revenue mobilisation likely to play a central role in recovering from the economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, jurisdictions, especially developing countries, are increasingly requesting technical assistance and other capacity building offerings.

Launched in 2011, the Global Forum capacity-building programme expanded over the years to cover new areas. It intensified to reflect the growing share of developing jurisdictions, which now make up 55% of the membership.

In line with its Plan of Action for Developing Countries’ Participation in AEOI published in 2017, the Secretariat recently developed a new Capacity Building Strategy to achieve the greatest impact for all.


The delivery of the Global Forum’s capacity-building programme is only made possible thanks to the financial support and the trust of our donor partners.

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