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  • 18-novembre-2014


    Dynamiser le secteur des entreprises en Espagne

    Les efforts faits par les autorités pour revitaliser l’entrepreneuriat et l’investissement en Espagne revêtent un rôle essentiel pour soutenir la croissance et la création d’emplois. Un important programme de réformes a été mis en oeuvre afin de faciliter l’activité d’entreprise en Espagne, dont certains aspects devraient être approfondis.

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  • 13-November-2014


    Jobs, unemployment and government action

    The world economy is still suffering from the strains of the longest crisis of modern times, and nowhere is this more evident than in the high unemployment numbers. In this OECD Observer Roundtable, we asked a cross-section of ministers: “What actions are you taking to create more and better jobs in your economy?”

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  • 10-octobre-2014


    Lignes d'action : Rôle des évaluations nationales des écosystèmes

    Une évaluation des écosystèmes est un processus social visant à estimer les résultats de la recherche scientifique sur les causes des changements subis par les écosystèmes, leurs conséquences pour le bien-être humain, ainsi que les lignes d’action ou options de gestion possibles.

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  • 6-October-2014


    How's Life in Your Region - Country Notes

    Country notes outlining regional variations in health, jobs, safety, environment, access to services, civic engagement, housing, education, income, and employment. These notes are from the OECD publication "How's Life in Your Region?".

  • 6-October-2014


    Regional Outlook 2014: Spain

    Getting regions and cities 'right', adapting policies to the specificities of where people live and work, is vital to improving citizens’ well-being. View the country factsheets from the publication OECD Regional Outlook 2014.

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  • 16-September-2014

    English, PDF, 506kb

    Geographic Variations in Health Care: Country note for Spain

    Health policies in Spain have responded to some variations in health care, but more effort needed as wide variations persist.

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  • 9-September-2014

    English, PDF, 1,171kb

    Education at a Glance 2014: Spain (English)

    In 2012, 45% of the country’s 25-64 year-olds had below upper secondary education (i.e. had attained at most Educación Secundaria Obligatoria) as their highest level of attainment

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  • 8-September-2014


    Launch of OECD 2014 Economic Survey of Spain

    The Spanish economy is emerging from a protracted recession, marked by a return to moderate growth and rising international competitiveness. To ensure a sustainable recovery and a return to lower levels of unemployment, full implementation of ongoing structural reforms is needed, warned OECD Secretary-General.

  • 8-septembre-2014


  • 4-September-2014


    Mr. Angel Gurría, OECD Secretary-General, in Madrid on 8 September 2014

    Mr. Angel Gurría, Secretary-General of the OECD, was in Spain on 8 September 2014 to present the OECD 2014 Economic Survey of Spain, with the participation of Minister Luis de Guindos. While in Madrid, the Secretary-General held meetings with the Spanish authorities.

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