Green Growth in Cebu, Philippines

Urban green growth policies encourage economic development while reducing negative environmental externalities and the consumption of natural resources and environmental assets. This report is the fourth case study in the OECD Urban Green Growth in Dynamic Asia project. It explores policies and governance systems to promote green growth in  Metro Cebu, Philippines, and provides recommendations for enhancing Cebu’s green growth potential.   Metro Cebu is the second most populated urban area of the Philippines after Metro Manila. Its economic growth has been impressive. However, it faces many challenges that hinder its sustainable growth in areas such as land use and the provision of basic urban services – transportation, energy, solid waste, and water security. Ongoing development offers numerous opportunties for the metro area to shift towards the cleaner sustainable model which the concept of green growth offers.   

Published on October 04, 2017

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Foreword and acknowledgements
Acronyms and abbreviations
Executive summary
The economic, social and environmental performance of the Cebu metropolitan area, Philippines
Opportunities for green growth in Cebu, Philippines
Water security and green growth in Cebu, Philippines
Governance for green growth in Cebu, Philippines
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