Per capita growth declined steadily over the 2000s. Low productivity is at the root of a large income gap vis-à-vis the OECD average.  Several structural bottlenecks are holding back productivity and a new wave of structural reforms is needed to raise the economy’s growth potential.

  • Complete the implementation of zero licence procedures and undertake a comprehensive reform of territorial development legislation.
  • Reduce the corporate debt overhang to facilitate re-source reallocation and rekindle investment.
  • Improve the business environment by increasing competition in electricity, ports and professional services.
  • Continue to scale-up vocational education and training, including in post-secondary education.
  • Enhance innovation policies and strengthen the link between research and business.
  • Reduce labour market duality to boost young people’s employment prospects, strengthen incentives to invest in skills and reduce labour market inequalities.

Productivity - Portugal 

Source: OECD June 2016 Economic Outlook database; OECD, Income Distribution and Poverty database; and OECD Secretariat calculations from EU-SILC – preliminary results.



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