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OECD Business and Finance Outlook 2019

Strengthening Trust in Business

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Published on September 09, 2019

The OECD Business and Finance Outlook is an annual publication that presents unique data and analysis on the trends, both positive and negative, that are shaping tomorrow’s world of business, finance and investment. Using analysis from a wide range of perspectives, this year’s edition considers the importance of public trust in business and finance, offering a conceptual approach to understanding facets of trust in finance, investment and business with respect to economic value, fairness and integrity of conduct, as well as alignment with societal values. The Outlook provides an assessment of factors that contributed to a deterioration of trust during the Global Financial Crisis; reviews recent developments that could contribute to a renewed erosion of trust; and, offers policy considerations to help strengthen public trust in business and finance.
News release

More efforts needed to boost trust in business and finance

09/09/2019 - Policy makers should step up their efforts to bolster public trust in finance to reduce the risks of contagion if economic growth and financial returns continue to fall, according to the 2019 Business and Finance Outlook.

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