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Addenda to the Converged Statistical Reporting Directives


This page details the contents of Addendum 1, 2 and 3 to the Converged Statistical Reporting Directives by module and annex. Links will take you to the most up-to-date version of each document.

Addendum 1

2018 Updates 

Addendum 1 - Full version (pdf, May 2018, modules A, B and C)

Addendum 2 - Full version (pdf, May 2018, modules D and E)

2013 Versions:

Addendum 1 - Full version (pdf, June 2013, modules A, B and C)

Module A. ODA Eligibility

Annex 1

DAC List of ODA recipients

Annex 2

List of ODA-eligible international organisations

Module B. Reporting forms, rules for compiling aggregates, mapping between DAC tables

Annex 3

Reporting forms

Advance Questionnaire

Table DAC1

Validation Table - See [Validation Table] tab

Summary of instructions in CRS++ and examples

Document Upload

Annex 4

CRS++ items required for different resource flows

Annex 5

Rules for compiling aggregates from CRS++ reporting

Annex 6

Mapping between DAC tables

Annex 7

Reporting on debt relief

Module C. Classifications: Definitions and code lists


DAC and CRS code lists see below for detail of included annexes from Module C

Annex 8

[ Recipient codes]

Annex 9

[ Major channels of delivery]

Annex 10

[ Types of flows] and [ Types of finance]

Annex 11

[ Type of aid] - see also related page

Annex 12

[ Classification by sector of destination and purpose code] - see also related page

Annex 13

[ DAC members] and [ Agencies]

Addendum 2 and Addendum 3 (see Annex 17)

Addendum 2 - Full version (pdf, June 2013, modules D and E)

Module D. Grant Element and DAC Recommendations

Annex 14

Grant element formulas and examplesSee also, Grant element calculator (xls)

Annex 15

Recommendation on Terms and Conditions of Aid (1978=78)

Annex 16

Tied aid disciplines and untying recommendation

DAC Guiding Principles for Associated Financing and Tied and Partially Untied 

Official Development Assistance (1987)

New Measures in the Field of Tied Aid (1992)

Recommendation on Untying Official Development Assistance to Least Developed Countries and Heavily Indebted Poor Countries (2001 and amendments in 2006 and 2008)

Module E. Policy Objectives

Annex 17

Policy Markers

Gender equality marker and frequently asked questions

Environment marker

PD/GG marker (Participatory Development/Good Governance)

Trade development marker

Reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health (RMNCH) policy marker (Addendum 3)

Annex 18

Rio Markers


Climate change mitigation

Climate change adaptation


Background information on the Rio Conventions

Frequently asked questions

Annex 19

Programme-based approaches: examples


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