This is a brief presentation of the various allowances to which you may be entitled as an official of the Organisation.

The table of emoluments you received with your offer letter has been prepared to take account of your family situation as we know it. If you are married and/or have children, certain allowances will be confirmed when you take up duty on presentation of documentation (birth certificates, marriage certificate, amount of spouse’s earnings, etc.). If your spouse also receives family or child allowances, these will be deducted from the allowances indicated in your table of emoluments.

N.B. : If your spouse is also employed by the OECD or another coordinated organisation, amounts and/or eligibility criteria may be different for some allowances.

Household Allowance

Rate: 6% of your basic salary (subject to a minimum of 6% of a grade B3, step 1 salary).

Eligibility criteria: you will automatically receive this allowance if you are entitled to a child allowance - see below. If you are married without a dependent child, eligibility depends on your spouse’s income level.


Child's Allowance

Eligibility criteria: You are entitled to this allowance for children under 18 who depend on you or your spouse for main and continuing support. Under certain circumstances, it can also be obtained for dependent children between 18 and 26 who are full time students or doing vocational training or their military service. For handicapped children (see below), there is no age limit.


Benefits for a Handicapped Child

Eligibility criteria: These benefits concern children who suffer from serious and continuing impairment of their physical or mental capacities necessitating special care or education and is granted as a supplement to the child’s allowance
Educational or training expenses related to the handicap may also be partially reimbursed under certain conditions.


Expatriation Allowance

The expatriation allowance is payable to staff members who do not hold French nationality and who have not been continuously resident in the host country for more than one year at the time of taking up duty.
Rate for all staff: 10 per cent of basic salary for step one in the grade.


Installation Allowance


  • 1/12th of your annual salary if you do not receive the household allowance
  • 1/8th of your annual salary if you receive the household allowance and have no or only one dependent child
  • 1/6th of your annual salary if you receive the household allowance and have two or more dependent children who will both reside with you at your duty station

Eligibility criteria: This is paid to officials of categories A, L and B (and C in exceptional cases) who had no residence at their disposal within a radius of 100km of Paris at the time of their appointment and whose appointment is for more than 12 months.


Education Allowance

Rate: 75% of total expenditure for certain expenses (e.g. registration, fees), subject to ceilings.

Eligibility criteria: This may be granted for dependent children of officials entitled to the expatriation allowance who are following full-time education, as from primary school.


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