Éducation financière

In focus

  • G20/OECD report on Advancing the Digital Financial Inclusion of Youth

    This report examines the factors that contribute to youth financial inclusion and the role digital financial services can play in meeting the financial needs of young people

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  • COVID-19 and the financial well-being of seniors

    The COVID-19 pandemic and its socio-economic consequences are exacerbating factors that contribute to the increased financial vulnerability of seniors, together with low financial and digital literacy and possibly declining cognitive abilities. This note suggests policy measures to strengthen the financial well-being of seniors throughout the COVID-19 crisis and its aftermath.

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  • OECD webinar series on financial resilience

    5 November and 2 December 2020. These webinars will provide an opportunity for policy makers, researchers, practitioners and other stakeholders to share experiences and discuss how financial literacy and education can support households’ and small businesses’ financial resilience in times of crises and beyond.

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