Working Papers

  • 13-September-2002


    The Contribution of ICT to Production Efficiency in Italy: Firm-level Evidence Using Data Envelopment Analysis and Econometric Estimations (STI Working Paper 2002/13)

    This paper examines the impact of information and communications technologies (ICTs) on technical production efficiency in a wide range of Italian industries.

  • 9-August-2002


    Taxation, SMEs and Entrepreneurship (STI Working Paper 2002/9)

    This paper discusses the implications of tax policy for the growth of entrepreneurship and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

  • 18-July-2002


    Legal Provisions Related to Business-to-Consumer Alternative Dispute Resolution in Relation to Privacy and Consumer Protection (STI Digital Economy Paper 65)

    This document addresses the extent to which existing legal provisions in OECD countries impact recourse to alternative dispute resolution (ADR) in relation to disputes arising out of business-to-consumer electronic commerce.

  • 15-June-2002


    Broadband Infrastructure Deployment: The Role of Government Assistance (STI Working Papers 2002/15)

    This paper argues that government policies should continue to emphasise the role of competition in stimulating broadband development and diffusion, and should avoid direct intervention in the broadband market, which risks distorting market mechanisms.

  • 14-June-2002


    Report on Consumer Protections for Payment Cardholders (STI Digital Economy Paper 64)

    Consumer protections for payment cardholders play an important role in developing trust in B2C e-commerce. This report examines the protections currently available in OECD countries.

  • 14-June-2002


    Resolving E-commerce Disputes Online: Asking the Right Questions about ADR (STI Digital Economy Paper 63)

    Shopping online opens up a world of opportunity, convenience, choice, competitive prices and information. What will happen if something goes wrong with your purchase? What if you don't get the products you ordered? What can you do?

  • 30-May-2002

    English, , 824kb

    L'échange de trafic Internet et le développement de la concurrence (STI Digital Economy Paper 62)

    Competition is increasing in Internet backbone markets, as a result of liberalisation, and the consequent ability of telecommunication carriers to provide infrastructure and services on an end-to-end basis.

  • 17-May-2002


    Best Practice Examples under the OECD Guidelines on Consumer Protection in the Context of Electronic Commerce (STI Digital Economy Paper 61)

    This set of best practice examples provides additional practical guidance to governments, businesses and consumers on several aspects of the 1999 Guidelines.

  • 25-April-2002


    Competition Policy and Innovation (STI Working Papers 2002/11)

    This paper seeks to improve understanding of the links between innovation and competition policy. It is intended to help countries identify ways in which they can design and implement policies that best promote innovation while protecting against anti-competitive behaviour.

  • 24-April-2002


    ICT Skills and Employment (STI Working Paper 2002/10)

    This study discusses the short- and long-term strategies that need to be implemented to address the rapidly changing skill requirements for ICT jobs and the need for better data to measure the IT workforce.

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