Review of Higher Education Institutions in Regional Development 2008-10: Andalusia, Spain


The OECD review report for Andalusia is available here.


The executive summary is available here.


The OECD review report of Andalusia has just been published. Andalusia is the most populous region in Spain with over 8 million people. Historically a crossroads of three cultures – Hispanic, Jewish and Arabic – it has enjoyed remarkable growth and development over the past decades, but still lags behind the Spanish averages in key socio-economic indicators. The recent economic crisis has affected Andalusia more than other regions. This publication explores a range of helpful policy measures and institutional reforms to mobilise higher education for Andalusia’s development.


By participating in the OECD Reviews of Higher Education Institutions in Regional Development the Autonomous Region of Andalusia wants to:


  • enhance HEIs' economic and social engagement and partnerships within the region
  • facilitate knowledge transfer between HEIs and the business sector and identify co-operation opportunities between HEIs and industry
  • promote the knowledge industry
  • create synergies that could serve as a catalyst for future development
  • identify new funding sources for HEIs, and opportunities for international benchmarking and networking

  • enhance visibility and evaluate the Andalusian innovation model and the funding model for public universities in the region
  • obtain tailored advice and expert guidance from the OECD for the national and regional authorities, and the HEIs


More about the Andalusia, its higher education institutions, 
and its HEIs' role in regional development


Key issues in Andalusia

  • Promoting the knowledge industry, particularly the university system
  • Facilitating innovative entrepreneurialism
  • Enabling an enterprising society
  • Developing the digital infrastructure
  • Promoting energy sustainability

As a response to globalisation the Andalusian regional government aims to link the university system to the productive sector. 
The Andalusian region is committed to:

  • Promoting the process of transformation in the backdrop of a new scenario where society incorporates innovation and knowledge as the guidelines for a new model of economic development and social welfare
  • Building this model on the efficient application, use and development of ICT, within the framework of a new economy and a global society
  • Working to create synergies through the joint efforts of the business sector, universities, and local and regional government, converting the administration of these policies into factors of development, employment, quality of life, wealth and social welfare for the whole of Andalusia
  • Supporting to bring universities closer to other sectors of society and provide them with new skills in a continuous learning process, that responds and to the new requirements of companies and the labour market
  • Encouraging universities to promote new joint lines of work between companies and research groups of excellence, by means of transferring knowledge and technology to the productive system

Regional Co-ordinator in Andalusia

Government of Andalusia
Regional Ministry for Innovation, Science and Enterprise
General Secretariat for Universities, Research and Technology
Avda. Albert Einstein, s/n
Parque Científico y Tecnológico Cartuja 93
41092 – Sevilla


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