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Business Climate Review of Egypt 2014: Investment Policies and Public-Private Partnerships

This report reviews the current business climate of Egypt and provides recommendations on how to improve Egypt's investment climate.

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Corporate Governance in the Middle East and North Africa

This regional network for policy dialogue on corporate governance provides a platform for discussing corporate governance priorities in the Middle East North Africa region, sharing best practices and evaluating their implementation.



Improving SME policy in Libya

As economic diversification is key to providing employment and income opportunities for a country highly dependent on hydrocarbon exports, the Libyan Government needs to establish an SME development strategy to align, guide and co-ordinate initiatives to promote enterprise creation and development.


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Kyrgyz Republic Handbooks - press release

Recommendations to boost competitiveness in the Kyrgyz agribusiness and apparel sectors are summarised by three OECD Policy Handbooks released today. The recommendations focus on access to finance, workforce skills development, and investment promotion.


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Implementation of the “Small Business Act” for Europe in the Mediterranean Middle East and North Africa 2014

This briefing presents the key findings and conclusions of the report on the implementation of the “Small Business Act” for Europe in the Mediterranean Middle East and North Africa 2014. The report provides an assessment of small and medium-sized entreprises policy in Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestinian Authority and Tunisia, and a policy overview for Libya.



Investment Security in the Mediterranean

The Investment Security in the Mediterranean (ISMED) Support Programme seeks to increase infrastructure investment in the Southern Mediterranean Region by providing advisory services to host governments on reducing the legal risk of specific investment projects.



Jordan - Investment Policy Review - OECD

This Investment Policy Review examines Jordan's achievements in developing an open and transparent investment regime and its efforts to reduce restrictions on international investment.



Jordan signs OECD agreement to strengthen investment climate

Jordan has become the 46th country to adhere to the OECD Declaration on International Investment and Multinational Enterprises. This adherence bears witness to the determination that Jordan holds towards strengthening the liberalisation of investment, increasing its integration into the world economy and promoting responsible business conduct.



Fostering Infrastructure Investment in the MENA Region: Mitigating Risk in Uncertain Times

The Conference on Fostering Infrastructure Investment in the MENA Region: Mitigating Risk in Uncertain Times will address the facilitation of the private sector decision to invest in infrastructure projects in the MENA region, including under public-private partnerships.

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State-Owned Enterprises in the Middle East and North Africa: Engines of Development and Competitiveness?

SOEs are an important feature of the economic landscape in the MENA region. This report examines their contribution to industrial development, diversification, poverty elimination and the provision of goods and services. It assesses ownership and governance practices and makes recommendations to policymakers, managers and boards.

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