Working Group I: Technical Co-ordination Meeting for Assessment Case Studies


In the framework of GfD Working Group I, a technical co-ordination meeting for Assessment Case Studies on Civil Service and Integrity undertaken by Bahrain, Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia was held on 8-9 December 2005 in Rabat, Morocco. The meeting served to support the preparation and coordination of these case studies in view of preparing the forthcoming second Regional Meeting of Working Group I on Civil Service and Integrity which will be held in Morocco in March 2006. The case studies focus on four high-priority focus areas (see below) which have been identified during the first Regional Meeting of the GfD Working Group I on 18-19 July 2005 in Rabat.


The meeting brought together representatives from those participating Arab countries (Morocco, Bahrain, Jordan and Tunisia) that volunteered to undertake case studies on Civil Service and Integrity Issues and OECD experts who are supporting the drafting of the case studies.

The meeting was opened by Mr. Mestassi, Secretary General, Ministry of State for Economic and General Affairs, Morocco and chair of Working Group I and Ms. Zeidguy, Director for Administrative Reform, Ministry for Modernisation of the Public Sectors, Morocco.


The meeting provided an opportunity to review the scope and focus of each case study, and in particular to:

  • Examine a high-priority policy reform area in Bahrain, Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia, as part of the stocktaking of political and technical challenges to national policy priorities;
  • On the basis of the stocktaking, identify a preliminary set of time-bound action targets for Country Action Plans for each participating country;
  • Make a number of suggestions regarding possible regional issues to be discussed at the next Regional Working Group Meeting in March 2006.

Furthermore, the preliminary results of the survey on Human Resources Management, which is conducted under the leadership of Jordan were presented.


Key outcomes of the meeting include:

  • Preparation of the case studies: The following case studies were presented and discussed for each focus area.
Case Study / Related Focus Area  Country
Case study on integrity and corruption prevention  Morocco

Case study on new approaches towards pay and grading in the civil service
Draft ethics code in Jordan

Case study on human resources management in the civil service  Bahrain

Case study on simplification of administrative procedures and customer responsiveness

  • Suggestions for Country Action Plans: Each of the four participating countries suggested a preliminary set of action targets for Country Action Plans. These provide a working basis and will be further refined until the next Regional Working Group Meeting.
  • Preparation of the Next Regional Working Group Meeting: Participants made a number of suggestions for issues to be discussed at the next Regional Working Group meeting, scheduled for March 2006, including the following:
  • Tools to increase integrity and responsibility (including the role of human resources), building on the results of the Moroccan case study;
  • Regional trends with regard to new policies for HR development (e.g. fixed-term contracts, performance appraisal, job descriptions etc.), building on the lesson learned from the HRM questionnaire prepared by Jordan;
  • Innovative projects for civil service and integrity in the Arab region. These policies could be evaluated by the working group or a subgroup of members interested. This could be a first step towards an eventual full peer review process for innovative policies in Arab countries.


Presentation by Bahrain 


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