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OECD/UNESCO Institute for Statistics/Eurostat Careers of Doctorate Holders (CDH) project


Last updated: 7 November 2013


Human resources are recognised as being key to the creation, commercialisation and diffusion of innovation. Among them, doctorate holders are not only the most qualified in terms of educational attainment, but also those who are specifically trained to conduct research. Not much is known however about their career and mobility patterns on the labour market. It is with this in mind that the OECD launched a collaborative project with the UNESCO Institute for Statistics and Eurostat aimed at developing internationally comparable indicators on the careers and mobility of doctorate holders.  An expert group with representatives from national statistical bodies was formed to develop the technical components of the project and start compiling data at national level.



In 2011-12, the project benefitted from funding of the 7th Framework Programme of the European Commission as part of KnowINNO grant 257078.

The final conference of the KnowINNO project on Careers of Doctorate Holders was held on 3 December 2012 in Brussels.


Project results - 2010 data collection

Technical guidelines

Results from previous data collections


Key HRST indicators, STI Scoreboard 2011

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