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Good Practice in Development Communication


The OECD Development Communication Network (DevCom) highlights and documents good practice by providers of development co-operation in their efforts to raise public awareness and engagement. DevCom also supports the process of peer reviews, this is a process which helps a country understand where it could improve its development strategy and structures so that it can increase the effectiveness of its investment; and to identify and share good practice in development policy and strategy.


Our Publications

 This Note explores the implications of the SDGs for development communicators.

Discussion note: 10 Learning Areas for SDG Communication

This Note explores the implications of the SDGs for development communicators. It then proposes a framework of ten “learning areas” for development institutions to bear in mind when developing their SDG communications strategies and campaigns. It highlights early examples of public engagement on the SDGs and identifies resources that can help communications teams get started and become more strategic about their SDG work.


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Data: What People Know and Think About the Sustainable Development Goals

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are often called the people’s goals. Government institutions seeking to achieve the SDGs need to engage with citizens, listen to them and mobilise them into action. Understanding what different constituencies know and think about the SDGs is a crucial starting point. This document presents selected results from the international surveys on the SDGs. The results underline how much work lies ahead for SDG advocates. They also reveal the gaps in our knowledge about public attitudes to the SDGs.


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Beyond Smiling Faces: How engaging with youth can help transform societies and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals

For governments and international development agencies, engaging with young women and men is no longer just optional. This Policy Note explains why youth engagement is so important. It examines different ways to engage with youth and identifies lessons and principles for governments wishing to promote youth-led development. The Policy Note takes a special look at the opportunities provided by the new Sustainable Development Goals.  It is a joint effort of the OECD Development Centre and ActionAid International, and draws on discussions in the OECD Development Communication Network (DevCom).


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Engaging with the Public: 12 Lessons from DAC Peer Reviews and the Network of DAC Development Communicators

Engaging with the Public: 12 Lessons from DAC Peer Reviews and the Network of DAC Development Communicators (DevCom) is the DAC’s first good practice publication on engaging with the public and building awareness about global development challenges. This booklet highlights key lessons learned on engaging with the public based on DAC members’ practices as documented in peer reviews, DevCom’s reports and publications, and wider work from across the OECD. It includes examples from DAC members’ experiences and sketches out the challenges they continue to face as they move toward more strategic, effective and innovative engagement with citizens and taxpayers on development co-operation. Published November 2014


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Good Practices in Development Communication

Drawing on lessons learned from the DevCom Network, this study represents a first step toward documented good practice in development communication. The topics covered in the study range from public opinion and the use of new media and communication tools to effective outreach strategies and monitoring and measuring the impact of communication interventions. It offers insights for both policy makers and communication practitioners in order to help donors manage their communication with the public. Published May 2014



Knowledge-Sharing Platform 

DevCom maintains a knowledge-sharing platform for the benefit of its members. The platform hosts a wealth of documentation, reports and studies, including communication strategies, public opinion polls and examples of good practice when reporting on development results. All background documentation from DevCom meetings and thematic seminars are available on the platform, as well. To request access, please write the DevCom Secretariat.

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Peer review of DAC Members

Peer reviews provide in-depth examinations of development systems and policies, including lessons learned, in all DAC member countries.



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