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Multi-Donor Trust Fund for the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative

The initiative was launched in Johannesburg in 2002 to encourage government and companies to work together voluntarily to promote transparency of payments and revenues in order to address the paradoxical “resource curse".


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Coton et pauvreté en Afrique de l’Ouest: analyse comparée des conditions de vie des ménages au Mali et au Burkina Faso

Le développement important du secteur cotonnier africain s’est accompagné d’une spécialisation et d’une augmentation de la dépendance des économies vis-à-vis des exportations de coton


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Paper, prices and politics - An evaluation of the Swedish support to the Bai Bang project in Vietnam

From 1974 to 1995 Sweden committed about SEK2.8 billion (SEK6.5 billion in 1996 prices) to the project (mill and forestry) including side projects covering housing, transport and vocational training.


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A Leap of Faith - A story of Swedish aid and paper production in Vietnam - the Bai Bang project, 1969-1996

Bai Bang is one of the most unusual aid projects to be undertaken in the history of development co-operation.