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Mid-Term Evaluation of the European Union-Africa Infrastructure Trust Fund

As stated in the Terms of Reference (ToR), the purpose of this mid-term evaluation is to “assess the performance of the EU-Africa ITF over the period 2007-10 against key OECD/DAC evaluation criteria to make recommendations for the future work of the ITF and allow for preparation of the final evaluation”. The evaluation covers the period to the 5 July 2011.


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Evaluation of the 2005 debt relief agreement between the Paris Club and Nigeria

The evaluation report starts off by explaining the context of the agreement, and then goes on to reveal the consequences for the Nigerian economy, and the impact on poverty reduction in Nigeria.

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Country Level Evaluation Nigeria Volume I: Main Report

This report covers the evaluation of the cooperation strategy of the EC with the Federal Republic of Nigeria and its implementation in relation to the Country Strategies and National Indicative Programmes of the 7th and 9th European Development Funds.

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Country Programme Evaluation of Nigeria, 1998-2007

In spite of the relatively small weight of its financial contribution in comparison with Nigeria’s earnings from oil, the Bank carried a great deal of influence as a source of objective advice and as a means of influencing perceptions of Nigeria.


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Nigeria: Country Assistance Evaluation (Approach Paper)

This Country Assistance Evaluation will cover the strategy, program and outcomes of Bank assistance over nine years. This is the period of the restoration of democratic government in Nigeria following the death of General Abacha.