Development finance statistics

Qatar's Development Co-operation


The OECD estimates that Qatar’s development co-operation amounted to USD 1.3 billion in 2013 compared to 544 million in 2012 and USD 734 million in 2011. Qatar channelled 1% of its development co-operation through multilateral institutions, mainly through the United Nations and the Islamic Development Bank.

Qatar views development co-operation as an integral part of its foreign policy. The Office of the Minister’s Assistant for International Co-operation Affairs in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is responsible for development co-operation and humanitarian assistance. Within the ministry, the Department of International Development is the central unit, in charge of policy design and implementation.

In 2013, the main recipients of Qatari development co-operation were Syria, Morocco the West Bank and Gaza Strip, Egypt and Yemen. . The main sectors were humanitarian aid, construction and multisectoral and budget support.