Gender equality and development



Who we are 

The DAC Network on Gender Equality (GENDERNET) is a subsidiary body of the OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC).


The GENDERNET is the only international forum where experts from development co-operation agencies meet to define common approaches in support of gender equality and women’s rights. It brings together gender equality advisors from DAC member agencies as well as observers (UN Women, the World Bank, regional development banks).


What we do 


  • Influences key global processes to ensure that they contribute to advancing gender equality and women's rights.

The GENDERNET coordinates and supports members’ efforts to prepare for international meetings and processes, such as the 2030 Agenda's implementation and follow-up, the UN Commission on the Status of Women, and the COPs. The Network provides a unique forum for strengthening partnerships and identifying common messages and strategies for advancing gender equality and women’s rights in these international fora.


  • Tracks and analyses DAC members' aid in support of gender equality and women’s rights.

The GENDERNET works to ensure that global and national commitments on gender equality and women’s rights are underpinned by adequate resources for effective implementation. The main instrument used to track bilateral aid targeting gender equality and women’s rights is the DAC gender equality policy marker. All DAC donors apply the gender equality marker, indicating for each individual aid activity whether or not it targets gender equality as one of its policy objectives. The data generated by the gender equality policy marker provides a snapshot of the proportion of aid focused on achieving gender equality and provides individual donors with information about the sectors and countries where their gender equality focused aid is concentrated.


  • Contributes to improving the quality and effectiveness of development co-operation focused on achieving gender equality and women’s rights.

The GENDERNET provides members with a space for sharing experiences and good practice for integrating gender equality and women’s rights into all aspects of development co-operation. Current priority areas include:

- Improving donor support to gender equality in fragile states;

- Supporting a better integration of gender equality across all areas of climate policies and finance;

- Increasing the quantity and quality of funding to women's rights organisations;

- Identifying effective policies, financing and measurement to advance women's economic empowerment.


  • Brings gender equality into the core work of the DAC.

The GENDERNET Secretariat contributes to all DAC Peers Reviews and works collaboratively with other DAC subsidiary bodies, in particular the DAC Working Party on Development Finance Statistics (WP-STAT), and with other OECD policy communities.


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