Croissance verte et développement durable


Greener Skills and Jobs

Green skills, that is, skills needed in a low-carbon economy, will be required in all sectors and at all levels in the workforce as emerging economic activities create new (or renewed) occupations. Structural changes will realign sectors that are likely to decline as a result of the greening of the economy and workers will need to be retrained accordingly. The successful transition to a low-carbon economy will only be possible if workers can flexibly adapt and transfer from areas of decreasing employment to new industries. This report suggests that the role of skills and education and training policies should be an important component of the ecological transformation process.

Published on February 13, 2014

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Executive summary
Green skills for a low-carbon future
Notes on the contributors
Gearing up education for training and growth6 chapters available
The case for a global green skills training action plan
The New Skills for Green Jobs Project: European context
The interaction of environmental and labour market policy: An overview of the quantity and quality of green jobs in Europe
The Austrian Masterplan for Human Resources for Renewable Energies
Skills for green jobs: Gearing up education and training for green growth
Education and training for sustainability: An ecological vision
Enterprise approaches for a workforce fit for a green economy4 chapters available
Licensing and certification to increase skills provision and utilisation amongst low-carbon small and medium-sized enterprises in the United Kingdom
Anticipating and managing the effects of greening of industries in the European Union: Skills development in the overall context of job quality
Greening technical vocational education and training in the European steel industry
Managerial skills in the green corporation
Integrating skills into local development strategies for green job creation3 chapters available
Local development strategy, green jobs and skills in the Indian context
Climate change adaptation and local development: The new imperatives for green skills development
Lessons from the project “Employment Centres and Sustainable Development” in France
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