Development Co-operation Directorate (DCD-DAC)

Development Co-operation Directorate (DCD)




DCD supplies technical expertise for the OECD Development Assistance Committee and helps build consensus among its members and the wider development community to improve development effectiveness.

The DCD Director is Jon Lomøy and the Deputy-Director is Brenda Killen

In DCD, we contribute to developing better policies for better lives by:

DCD also works closely with other OECD development resources:

  • Policy Coherence for Development: for policies that support, rather than conflict with, development
  • The Development Centre: a forum for innovative solutions to global development challenges
  • Global Relations: partnerships with non-OECD members for truly global development
  • The Sahel and West Africa Club: focusing on the special development and integration needs of this region
  • The Africa Partnership Forum: encompassing the Africa Union, NEPAD, G8 and non-G8 OECD countries
  • PARIS21: Paris21 works with 120 countries to target and measure the impact of poverty-reduction policies using a proven approach for building robust statistical systems. Currently, 93% of these countries have started the process.

In 2002, the Development Cluster was established under the authority of a Deputy Secretary-General, consisting of the Development Co-operation Directorate, Development Centre, Sahel and West Africa Club, Africa Partnership Forum, Partnership for Democratic Governance and Global Relations.