Israel, Nahum Itzkovitz, Director General of the Israel Ministry of Social Affairs and Services



Appointed Director General of the Israel Ministry of Social Affairs and Services in April 2007, Nahum Itzkovitz is a seasoned public administrator. He served three terms as Mayor of the Emek Hefer Regional Council, Israel’s largest grouping of more than 50 villages and communities located in central Israel. He led Emek Hefer through a period of expansion, development and renewal, and established public institutions that contributed significantly to an improved quality of life in the region.


Itzkovitz presided over the rehabilitation of the Alexander River, which transformed it from a sewage repository to a healthy waterway teeming with wildlife.


Itzkovitz also led a unique environmental project with the Palestinian city of Tul-Karem, which enabled the sewage purification for both Palestinian and Israeli population in that area.  Other accomplishments include the strengthening and expanding of the Bat-Hefer community, now home to 6,000 residents, and the building of an industrial park for more than 150 businesses, employing 2,000 area residents.


In the summer of 2006, Itzkovitz was appointed Director-General of the Ministry of Tourism. During his period in office, he initiated and directed the following projects:

  • Arranged a special array of compensations payments for tourism operators in the north following the Second Lebanon War
  • Promoted and developed a system for marketing and tourism during and after the Second Lebanon War in Israel and the world
  • Established and led an effective, continuous marketing forum with the tourism industry in Israel and the world
  • Implemented the recommendations of the Ernst & Young Report for increasing foreign and internal tourism in Israel
  • Authorized the mapping national priorities for tourism, including an allocations model for encouraging investors in the field of tourist accommodations and attractions
  • Carried out an intense promotion of the “clear skies” policy for aviation
  • Handled an ongoing process of removing obstacles to tourism and led a campaign to raise service awareness and make good service an integral component of the Israeli tourism industry
  • Developed innovating economic models for the allocation of resources for the development of tourism infrastructures


Recently Itzkovitz passed his four year anniversary of service as Director General of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Services in Israel, a position he utilizes to constantly originate and conduct innovative means to facilitate the weaker populations in the country. As Director General, he has initiated, led and realized countless projects, building of homes, conveniences and services aimed at facilitating the less fortunate. A detailed account of his many achievements and of the advancement of the status of the Ministry under his reign can be obtained through his office.


Nahum Itzkovitz holds a Masters degree in Business Administration from Bar-Ilan University, a graduate degree in Agriculture & Economics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a financial management certificate from the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology.


Itzkovitz has also held other public posts, including: Chairman of the Rupin Academic Center, Chairman of the Emek Hefer Development Corporation, and Chairman of the Alexander River Rehabilitation Directorate. He has served as a member of the Jewish National Fund Directorate and member of the Israel Lands Authority auditing committee.


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