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  • 31-October-2017


    Green Finance and Investment in Developing Countries

    To meet the ambitious goals of the 2030 Agenda and the Paris Agreement, we need to significantly shift and scale up green finance and investment.

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  • 18-mars-2016


    Aide à l'énergie

    La définition statistique du CAD de l’aide à la production et distribution de l’énergie couvre la politique de l’énergie, planification et programmes, et l’aide à la production d’énergie des sources renouvelables et non-renouvelables.

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  • 4-février-2016


    Aide à l'agriculture et le développement rural

    La définition statistique du CAD de l’aide à l’agriculture couvre la politique, la planification et les programmes agricoles, les ressources en terres cultivables, les ressources en eau à usage agricole, le développement agricole et l’approvisionnement en produits à usage agricole, la production agricole, l’élevage, les services agricoles, l’éducation et la formation ainsi que la recherche dans le domaine agricole, le renforcement des

  • 14-December-2015


    Climate Finance in 2013-14 and the USD 100 billion goal

    This OECD study, in collaboration with Climate Policy Initiative, provides an up-to-date estimate of public and private climate finance mobilised by developed countries towards their UNFCCC 2010 Cancun commitment, for climate action in developing countries. The study is available in English, in French and in Spanish.

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  • 30-November-2015


    Climate Change: OECD DAC External Development Finance Statistics

    The OECD DAC measures and monitors development finance targeting climate change objectives using two Rio markers: Climate Change Mitigation and Climate Change Adaptation.

  • 18-February-2015


    OECD Workshop on Biodiversity and Development - Mainstreaming and Managing for Results

    This workshop brought together over 85 participants from the environment and the development communities to discuss challenges and opportunities for mainstreaming biodiversity into development at the national and sector level, and to better manage for results.

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  • 20-January-2015

    English, PDF, 918kb

    Environet: Expert Workshop February 2014 - Summary Record

    Summary Record OECD ENVIRONET Expert Workshop February 2014

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  • 11-November-2014


    Towards Green Growth in Southeast Asia

    Southeast Asia’s booming economy offers tremendous growth potential, but also large and interlinked economic, social and environmental challenges. The region’s current growth model is based in large part on natural resource exploitation, exacerbating these challenges. This report provides evidence that, with the right policies and institutions, Southeast Asia can pursue green growth and thus sustain the natural capital and environmental services, including a stable climate, on which prosperity depends.Carried out in consultation with officials and researchers from across the region, Towards Green Growth in Southeast Asia provides a framework for regional leaders to design their own solutions to move their countries towards green growth. While recognising the pressures that Southeast Asian economies face to increase growth, fight poverty and enhance well-being, the report acknowledges the links between all these dimensions and underscores the window of opportunity that the region has now to sustain its wealth of natural resources, lock-in resource-efficient and resilient infrastructure, attract investment, and create employment in the increasingly dynamic and competitive sectors of green technology and renewable energy.Some key policy recommendations are that these challenges can be met by scaling up existing attempts to strengthen governance and reform countries’ economic structure; mainstreaming green growth into national development plans and government processes; accounting for the essential ecosystem services provided by natural capital, ending open-access natural resource exploitation; and guiding the sustainable growth of cities to ensure well-being and prosperity.
  • 22-September-2014


    OECD-CPI Dialogue: Improving Transparency and Accountability through Enhanced Tracking of Climate Finance Flows

    The OECD and CPI organised a Dialogue on "Improving Transparency and Accountability through Enhanced Tracking of Climate Finance Flows" on 22 September in New York.

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  • 8-September-2014

    English, PDF, 476kb

    Flyer: Enhancing for Capacity Development Foundation E-learning Modules

    This is a flyer on the e-learning foundation course on the OECD policy guidance on Greening Capacity for Development.

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