2017 Recent & Upcoming events:

 Date   Location   Event
17-28 July Trento, Italy  International Summer School: Community and local development in Latin America and the Caribbean - en español
27 July Buenos Aires, Argentina  Release of the OECD Multi-dimensional Economic Survey of Argentina
28 July San Jose, Costa Rica  Release of the OECD report on Interrelations between Public Policies, Migration and Development (IPPMD) in Costa Rica
3 August TBC  Release of the OECD Review of Education in Costa Rica
4 August Panama City, Panama  Release of the OECD Multi-dimensional Review of Panama - Volume 1: Initial Assessment
4 August Lima, Peru  Release of the OECD Youth Well-Being Policy Review of Peru, in co-operation with the Peruvian Ministry of Education
18 August TBC  Release of the OECD Integrity Review of Colombia - Investing in Integrity for Peace and Prosperity
25-29 September Mexico City, Mexico

 Event on BEPS and the Transfer Pricing Guidelines in the Mexico Tax Centre

10-11 October Sao Paulo, Brazil 

 1st Taskforce Meeting of the Latin American Corporate Governance Roundtable Task Force on Equity Market Development

16-17 November Asuncion, Paraguay

 OECD LAC Regional Programme International Conference & Ministerial Meeting - "Towards Inclusive Social Protection Systems in Latin America and  the Caribbean"

17 November Asuncion, Paraguay

 5th Steering Group Meeting of the OECD LAC Regional Programme

27 Nov-1 Dec Mexico City, Mexico

 Case Study on Auditing MNEs for BEPS in the Mexico Tax Centre


Highlighted past events in 2017:

 Date   Location   Event
10 February  Washington D.C., United States

 OECD LAC Investment Initiative Technical Workshop

7 March Paris, France   8th Meeting of the OECD LAC Investment Initiative
16-17 March Cartagena de Indias, Colombia  4th Meeting of the OECD-IDB Latin American Network of Good Regulatory Practicies
23-24 March Santiago, Chile

Launching of the Revenue Statistics for Latin America 2017 during the XXIX Regional Fiscal Policy Seminar hosted by ECLAC

27 March Buenos Aires, Argentina

15th LAC Senior Budget Officials Network Meeting

4-5 April Managua, Nicaragua

 15th Meeting of the OECD-IDB Latin American and Caribbean Competition Forum

24-28 April Mexico City, Mexico

 Event on Tax treaty issues in the BEPS context and the MLI in the Mexico Tax Centre

 7-11 May  Asuncion, Paraguay

 Seminar “Paraguay hacia la Organización para la Cooperación y el Desarrollo Económico” organised to promote the  launching of the Public Governance Review of Paraguay

7-12 May  Brasilia, Brazil   Event on Substance and the new Transfer Pricing Environment on BEPS
 15-17 May Puerto Vallarta, Mexico   Launch Workshop for the pilot OECD SME Policy Index in the LAC Region and Workshop on "Upgrading workforce skills  in small established enterprises" in the framework of INADEM's Semana de la Competitividad, Innovación e  Internacionalización de las PYMES
1 June Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic  Launch of OECD report on Better Service  Delivery for Inclusive Growth in the Dominican  Republic
8 June Paris, France  4th Steering Group Meeting of the OECD LAC Regional Programme
9 June Paris, France  2017 International Economic Forum Latin America and the Caribbean
12-13 June Paris, France   Visit of the Council of Ministers for Central American Integration (COMIECO)
19-21 June Morelos, Mexico  Launching of the OECD Territorial Review: Mexico, Morelos - Encuentra el informe en español aquí
22 June Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic  Launching of the OECD Review on Interrelations between Public Policies, Migration, and Development in the Dominican  Republic
26-30 June Mexico City, Mexico  Event on Implementing BEPS 1. Minimum Standards in the Mexico Tax Centre
30 June Cali, Colombia  OECD representatives participate in the XII Summit of the Pacific Alliance