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Are students more engaged when schools offer extracurricular activities?

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It used to be about what to do with the babysitting money; now it’s all about trying to get the best value for money. Or is it? What do 15-year-olds really know about money matters? Can they make sensible decisions about whether to spend or save? Can they tell the difference between a financial risk and a sound investment? (For that matter, how many of the rest of us can?)

Eighteen countries participating in PISA wanted to find out. They conducted the first-ever international assessment of students’ financial literacy. The results from that survey are presented in this month’s PISA in Focus. 

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Why policy makers should care about motivating students.

What’s in it for me? Positive answers to that ubiquitous (and often crass) question may actually make a fundamental difference in how students learn. As this month’s PISA in Focus explains, students who are highly motivated to learn mathematics because they believe it will help them later on score better in mathematics – by the equivalent of half a year of schooling – than students who are not highly motivated.

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Students in 44 countries and economies took part in the PISA 2012 assessment of problem solving which examined their ability to tackle real-life, interactive problems such as troubleshooting a malfuntioning MP3 player and planning a trip. Find out how they fared in this latest edition of PISA in Focus. See the full set of results.

Try out some problem-solving questions for yourself.

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