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OECD Environmental Performance Reviews: Italy 2013


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This is the third review of Italy's environmental performance. It analyses progress in achieving a range of national objectives and international commitments, and presents 29 recommendations on how performance could be improved. Progress towards a green, low carbon economy is part of the assessment.

The OECD Environmental Performance Reviews provide independent assessments of countries’ progress in achieving their environmental policy objectives in order to help improve individual and collective environmental performance.

The Highlights (also in French, Italian) present the main OECD findings. Click here for the full Assessment & Recommendations, as endorsed by OECD countries.


Key environmental trends

Italy has recorded progress on a range of environmental achievements including on water and biodiversity resources but challenges remain on the path towards a greener economy and sustainable development. A snapshot of these key environmental trends includes:
  • The transition to a low-carbon, energy- and resource-efficient economy.
  • Managing the natural asset base.
  • Improving the environmental quality of life.


Policy-making environment

Environmental governance, the regulatory framework for environmental protection, and programmes to ensure compliance with environmental requirements are among the initiatives that Italy has prioritised during the past 10 years. Policy makers are considering ways forward in:
  • The institutional and co‑ordination framework for environmental management.
  • Environmental permitting, enforcement and compliance assurance.
  • Key environmental and sustainable development initiatives.
  • Performance evaluation mechanisms.
  • The promotion of environmental democracy.


Towards green growth

Italy is looking to mainstream environment into its economic policy as it recovers from the effects of the economic crisis. It is seeking opportunities for “green” tax reform as well as investment in “clean energy” and sustainable transport modes. Italy's Green Growth agenda includes:

  • Economic policy and the environment.
  • Greening the tax system.
  • Environment-related expenditure and investment.
  • Expanding environment-related markets and employment.
  • Promoting environmental technologies and eco-innovation.
  • Environment, trade and development.


Multi‑level environmental governance: water

Italy has a range of governance challenges in managing water resources including regional differences in water quality and quantity and in the development of water-related infrastructure. It is working towards developing better policy, legal and institutional frameworks for water management. The issues include:

  • The evolution of the policy, legal and institutional framework for water management.
  • Governance challenges in managing water resources.
  • Governance challenges in reforming water supply and sanitation services.


Climate change

Over the last decade, Italy has implemented a number of policy initiatives in the effort to reduce its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Among these are strategic and institutional frameworks and the mechanisms in place to manage interactions between different policy instruments and monitor their implementation. Analysed are:

  • GHG emission performance.
  • Policy framework for climate change mitigation.
  • Pricing Carbon.
  • Climate and energy policies.
  • Climate and transport policies.
  • Adaptation.



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