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Insurance is one of the most important risk management tools available to governments and households. The OECD has developed an array of good practices and guidelines for governments and insurers. We monitor the insurance markets and collect global insurance statistics.

Guidelines on insurer governance

Revised in 2011, these guidelines address governance structure, internal governance mechanisms, groups and conglomerates, and stakeholder protection.


Financial management of large-scale catastrophes

‌This OECD-hosted international network identifies and discusses the major policy issues related to the financial management of large-scale catastrophes.


Global insurance market trends

A complement to the insurance statistics database, this annual monitoring report analyses the insurance industry's performance and health.

Disaster risk assessment and risk financing

G20/OECD methodological framework to help governments develop more effective disaster risk management strategies, particularly financial strategies.


International E-Platform on terrorism risk insurance

‌This international platform on the financial coverage of terrorism risk monitors the evolution of national systems of terrorism insurance as well as market trends.



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