Environmental country reviews


  • Czech Republic 2018

    The Czech Republic has made progress in decoupling economic growth from freshwater abstractions, energy consumption, GHG and other air pollutants emissions. However, its strong industrial base and reliance on coal place the country among the most energy- and carbon-intensive in the OECD and air pollution is a serious health concern.

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  • Hungary 2018

    Hungary has made significant progress in decoupling its output growth from main environmental pressures, largely due to implementing requirements of EU directives. However, greenhouse gas emissions have started to pick up with the recent rebound of economic activity.

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  • Peru 2017

    First OECD review of Peru’s environmental performance. It evaluates progress towards sustainable development and green growth, with a focus on environmental management (air, waste and chemicals, water and biodiversity) and the sustainable use of the natural resource base. The environmental performance of the farming, fishing and mining sectors is analysed in detail.

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The OECD Environmental Performance Reviews (EPR) programme has been helping member countries to improve their environmental management for 20 years.


A reaffirmed commitment to fighting climate change has set Canada on a greener course, but the country needs to quickly implement planned measures to reduce the carbon intensity of its energy industry, including in oil sands, and green its transport sector if it is to progress towards its 2030 emissions goals.