2017 Global Forum on Competition

 7-8 December 2017  OECD, Paris


The Global Forum brings together high-level competition officials from over 100 authorities and organisations worldwide to debate a wide range of key and emerging competition issues including the link between competition policy and other cornerstones of economic development.

The 16th edition of the Global Forum discussed: competition and democracy, judicial perspectives of competition law, challenges for small and developing agencies, Viet Nam's competition law and policy and competition in public markets.


Over 100 competition authorities, international organisations and invited experts worldwide participate in the Global Forum every year. Participation is by invitation only and restricted to officials from competition authorities, government agencies and international/ regional organisations. 

If your agency has not yet received an invitation, please contact: Angelique.SERVIN@oecd.org

Like other OECD activities, through the Business and Advisory Committee to the OECD (BIAC), the Trade Union Advisory Committee (TUAC) representatives of the business community and trade movements can contribute to the discussions. The Global Forum  also welcomes the participation of Consumers International each year, an important voice for consumers particularly in developing countries.

Programme outline

Day 1|7 December 2017

Day 2|8 December 2017 


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In focus

PPTs: All forum presentations are already available here.

DAY 1: Global Forum brings together over 350 competition officials from all over the world  to discuss competition and democracy as well as judicial perspectives on competition law

DEMOCRACY AND COMPETITION: Hernando DE SOTO, President of the Institute for Liberty and Democracy opened the Forum and key experts  Lars P. FELD, Ian FORRESTEREleanor FOX, David LEWIS and Spencer WEBER WALLER started  debating the subject. Presentations will soon be available here.

DAY 1 AFTERNOON: Worldwide judges shared their experiences on judicial perspectives of competition law.

Previous Forums

Since 2001, the OECD Global Forum on Competition has gathered high-level competition officials to discuss a wide variety of competition-related topics.  



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