Leave and working hours


Annual Leave and Bank Holidays

Annual leave amounts to two and a half working days for each month of service.  French public holidays are observed.

Working days

Working days (8 hours per day) are Monday to Friday inclusive.

Home leave

If you have been offered an appointment for two years or more with an expatriation allowance, you will be eligible for home leave travel. An additional 8 days home leave plus travel time is granted for every 24 months of service. 

In the case of staff members who receive the household allowance, travel costs for spouses and dependent children are also met by the Organisation.

Home leave can be taken six months in advance of the accrual date, or twelve months after but cannot be taken during the last four months before the foreseen end of appointment date.  It is important to take home leave during the entitlement period, otherwise it will be lost.


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