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  • Share your views on the future of work and skills

    New technologies, globalisation and population ageing are affecting the type and quality of jobs that are available and the skills required to do them. We want to hear your views on this development: Are you worried or confident about the future of your job? Do you think it is likely to change in the future? And how will you keep your skills up-to-date? Let us know! Your opinions will contribute to discussions for better policy making in adult learning in the European Union.

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  • Call for papers – 2019 OECD Global Anti-Corruption & Integrity Forum

    In the run up to the next Forum, the OECD calls for high quality conceptual papers, as well as qualitative and quantitative empirical research papers focused on topics related to integrity and anti-corruption. Innovative topics, especially related to the risks and opportunities of new technologies, are encouraged.

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  • Watch the OECD Forum webcast

    The OECD Forum has emerged as a major international conference where policies and ideas are shared between governments, business, civil society and academia. It was an opportunity to gain insights into the global trends shaping our societies and take part in exchanges addressing these challenges.

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Work with us

The OECD is committed to giving a voice to civil society stakeholders and helping ensure that their views are factored into the OECD’s work and hence making the OECD analyses stronger.

We engage with civil society through various ways: advisory committees that represent businesses and trade unions, regular consultations, as well as conferences and workshops where civil society organisations are welcome to contribute. Find out more.

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with Andreas Schleicher, Director of the OECD Directorate for Education and Skills, and Tarek Mostafa, an analyst with PISA, to present new findings on The science of teaching science: An exploration of science teaching practices in PISA 2015.