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  • Consultation - Local responses to the refugee crisis

    Much attention has been paid to how the current wave of refugees will be distributed across European countries and the national policies, initiatives and programmes that will need to be put in place to facilitate their integration. Yet, local authorities and a range of local organisations are at the forefront of reception and integration efforts. The OECD LEED Programme launches this “Call for Initiatives" to extract what local authorities and other actors know works, what the new scenario is demanding and how equipped they are to respond. Closing date: 15 November.

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  • Regulatory Policy Outlook 2015

    Regulations are the rules that govern the everyday life of businesses and citizens, essential to promote growth, social welfare and environmental protection. However, regulations can also be costly and ineffective. The Regulatory Policy Outlook is the first evidence-based analysis of the progress made by countries to improve the way they regulate, including how countries involve stakeholders in making, implementing and reviewing new laws and regulations.

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  • OECD at #COP21

    World leaders are facing a fundamental dilemma: take strong action to address the risks associated with climate change, OR see the ability to limit this threat slip from their grasp. #COP21 in Paris, late 2015 is our chance for positive action. The OECD encourages governments to reinforce their efforts on climate beyond 2015.

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Work with us

The OECD is committed to giving a voice to civil society stakeholders and helping ensure that their views are factored into the OECD’s work and hence making the OECD analyses stronger.
We engage with civil society through various ways: advisory committees that represent businesses and trade unions, regular consultations, as well as conferences and workshops where civil society organisations are welcome to contribute. Find out more.


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14-15 December: Green Growth and Sustainable Development Forum "Enabling the Next Industrial Revolution: the role of systems thinking and innovation policy promoting green growth" (OECD, Paris)

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