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  • What is your perception of income inequality?

    Statistics on income inequality are regularly produced by researchers and statistical offices around the world, and often make the headlines. What remains unclear is how much inequality people perceive, and what degree of inequality they regard as ‘ideal’ or ‘acceptable’. The OECD's tool Compare your income allows you to see whether your perception is in line with reality. In only a few clicks, you can see where you fit in your country's income distribution.

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  • Consultation - Core Principles of Private Pension Regulation

    The OECD is making the draft Core Principles of Private Pension Regulation available for public comment until 20 October 2015. A key issue is to facilitate the application of the Core Principles to different types of private pension plans, especially personal and defined contribution plans, as well as providing operative guidance on how to implement private pension provision effectively and efficiently while addressing the lessons learnt from the turmoil financial markets experienced over the past few years.

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  • Consultation - Draft recommendation on Gender Equality in Public Life

    In recognition of broader gender equality challenges, the OECD aims to provide guidance to policy makers in closing gender gaps in public life through strengthening public governance dimensions of gender equality and developing more gender-sensitive public policies. As part of this process, the OECD Public Governance Committee has opened a public consultation to collect views of the widest range of stakeholders on the main policy options for narrowing the gender gaps in public leadership. Closing date: 30 June

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Work with us

The OECD is committed to giving a voice to civil society stakeholders and helping ensure that their views are factored into the OECD’s work and hence making the OECD analyses stronger.
We engage with civil society through various ways: advisory committees that represent businesses and trade unions, regular consultations, as well as conferences and workshops where civil society organisations are welcome to contribute. Find out more.


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2-3 June: OECD Forum 2015(OECD, Paris)

18-19 June: 3rd Global Forum on Responsible Business Conduct (OECD, Paris)


1-3 July: International Tax Dialogue (ITD) two-yearly global conference on the topic of Tax and the Environment (OECD, Paris)


14-15 December: Green Growth and Sustainable Development Forum "Enabling the Next Industrial Revolution: the role of systems thinking and innovation policy promoting green growth" (OECD, Paris)

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