OECD workshop on the performance of utilities for wastewater



As part of its programme of work on water, the OECD promotes policies and governance arrangements that contribute to cost-effective delivery of water services, including urban wastewater treatment. The focus is on incentives and regulation that can contribute to making the best use of available assets, the most effective use of available finance, and, where required, can attract additional sources of finance to meet policy goals and environmental objectives. 

That stream of work suggests that transparency can contribute to enhancing the performance of service provision. This point resonates with the ambition of the legislative proposal put forward by the European Commisssion for the revision of the Urban WasteWater Treatment Directive.

Inspired by this legislative proposal, the OECD endeavoured to propose a set of indicators that can contribute to making the proposal more pratical.The proposed set of indicators ambitions to be food for thought and support the implementation of the revised Directive, if and when appropriate.

The workshop was held on 31 January. Comments at the Workshop will be made available on this webpage. 







For more information, please contact:

Xavier Leflaive, Team Lead, Water Team, OECD Evironment Directorate


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