Fifth meeting of the Roundtable on Financing Water

26- 27 November 2019
9h - 19h30
5th meeting

The 5th meeting (by invitation only) of the Roundtable on Financing Water was a regional meeting focused on Asia, organised in partnership with the Asian Development Bank (ADB).

Aim of ‌the Roundtable on Financing Water 

 The Roundtable on Financing Water is a joint initiative of the OECD, the Netherlands, the World Water Council and the World Bank. The Roundtable provides a global public - private platform drawing upon political leadership and technical expertise, with the ambition of facilitating increased financing of investments that contribute to water security and sustainable growth.

The Roundtable engages a diversity of actors – governments and regulators in developed, emerging and developing economies, private financiers (e.g. institutional investors, commercial banks, asset managers, impact investors), development financing institutions, bi-lateral donors, international organisations, academia and civil society organisations – focused on finding novel ideas and solutions.

Background Documents

Session 1. Scene Setting: Investment needs and financing capacities. Outlook and key challenges. Estimating investment needs and financing capacities for water supply and sanitation in Asia-Pacific. (OECD)

Session 2. Financing the water value chain without a sovereign guarantee: Case studies of private sector participation in water distribution and wastewater treatment in China. (ADB)

Session 3. New financing modalities for climate adaptation: Towards Resilient Finance. (AGWA)

Session 3. Hybrid (green-gray) water security strategies: a blended finance approach for implementation at scale. (Deltares)

Session 4. Financing Water Infrastructure and Landscape Approaches in Asia and the Pacific. (ADB)

Session 5. Supporting the Mobilisation of Commercial Finance: Managing risk, improving performance and creditworthiness. (OECD, ADB)

Session 7. Practical examples to increase financing flows for water-related investments in Asia. (ADB)


Session 1.

  1. Dr. Bambang Susantono, Vice President, ADB - Finance, Knowledge, Partnership and Water Security.
  2. Mr. Tom Panella, Chief of Water Sector Group, ADB - Financing Water Investment in Asia and the Pacific.
  3. Ms. Kathleen Dominique, Policy Analyst, OECD - Scene setting: Financing needs and capacities.

Session 2.

  1. Mr. Tianyi Wang, CEO, China Everbright International - Application of PPP Model in China’s Wastewater Treatment Industry.
  2. Mr. Min Zhou, CEO, Beijing Enterprises Water Group - China Water PPP and Cases Sharing.
  3. Mr. Yong Liu, General Manager, China Water Affairs Group Limited - A Decade-long Partnership of ADB and China Water Affairs Group Limited.
  4. Mr. Lei Zhang, Vice president, Shenzhen Water Group, PRC - Development with the CITY.
  5. Mr. Hallam Chow, Partner, Mayer Brown - Financing Water, A New Cup of Tea.
  6. Mr. David Chen, Head of Loan Syndications Hong Kong, ANZ - Syndicated Financings for China Water Projects.

Session 3.

  1. Ms. Monica A. Altamirano, Program Manager Finance for Adaptive Planning, Deltares - Hybrid Water Security Strategies.

Session 4.

  1. Mr. Alexis Morgan, Global Water Stewardship Lead, WWF - Water stewardship, landscape finance, and corporate investment in water risk mitigation.
  2. Mr. David Schaub-Jones, Water Fund Program Manager, The Nature Conservancy - Protecting the source of our water.

Session 5.

  1. Ms. Monica Bennett, Head of Technology & Innovation Consultancy, Asia Pacific Isle Utilities - Improving Utility Performance through Technology and Innovation.

Session 6.

  1. Mr. Roderick M. Planta, Assistant Secretary, National Economic and Development Authority - How to Finance the Philippine Water Supply and Sanitation Master Plan?

Session 7.

  1. Mr. David Ginting, Investment Operations Specialist, ADB - Draft AIIB Water Strategy
  2. Ms. Ella Lazarte, Sr. Water and Sanitation Advisor, USAID - Leveraging OPM - Other People’s Money for Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH).
  3. Ms. Miha Matsubayashi, JICA - A Case Study of The Philippine Water Revolving Fund (PWRF).
  4. Mr. Yoshiharu Imajima, Deputy Director, Japan Sanitation Consortium - Financing Wastewater Management in Japan.


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